I've been told I needed to write a paragraph or two to introduce myself to my readers.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because all the other writers do it."

"But if they all jumped off a cliff, would I do that too?"

Okay, so I'm a bit contrary, but eight years of Catholic school ensure that I follow directions.  (Although jumping off a cliff is a good bit easier than writing this introduction.)

Hello, my name is Karen E. Taylor and I am a horror/paranormal author, with eight published novels to date and an eclectic assortment of short fiction which ranges from vampires to ghosts to telepathic, romantic dinosaurs.  What can I say?  I start out to write a story and, before I know whatís hit me, the main character turns spectral or grows fangs or wings.  Itís what I do and what I love.  I hope my readers feel the same.  

In real life, I'm the mother of two sons and have been married for 36+ years. I'm owned currently by one cat, a predominantly white calico with just a touch of Maine Coon.  I'm not sure what I was thinking -- white cat hair is incompatible with my predominantly black wardrobe.  But I love her, anyway.  In my spare time I make candles, plaster wall hangings and decor, and cosmetic creams/lotions. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and attended Grove City College where I studied for a bachelor's degree in English Literature and Communications.  I've lived in all sorts of places, from Pittsburgh, to Grove City, to Richmond, to Laurel.  I lived eight wonderful years in Los Angeles, but moved back to the east coast in 2011 and settled in a lovely condo in Alexandria, VA.  In a few more years I hope to (fingers crossed) move back to the west coast, to retire in Northern California.




The Vampire Legacy -- Published by Pinnacle Books



First Printing

Second Printing

Third Printing

Omnibus Edition

Blood Secrets

January 1994

October 1998

October 2000

as HUNGER July 2011

Bitter Blood

October 1994

October 1998

October 2000

as HUNGER July 2011

Blood Ties

October 1995

October 1998

October 2000

as CRAVE October 2011

Blood of My Blood

October 2000

September 2002


as  CRAVE October 2011

The Vampire Vivienne

September 2001



as THIRST October 2012


September 2002



as THIRST October 2012

Blood Red Dawn

October 2004



 as BLOOD RED DAWN July 2013





HUNGER, Kensington Books, July 2011


CRAVE, Kensington Books, October, 2011



THIRST, Kensington Books, October, 2012


BLOOD RED DAWN, Kensington Books, July, 2013




Publisher and Date

Fangs and Angel Wings

The short fiction of Karen E. Taylor

Wildside Press -- November 2003


Dark Fluidity

October 2003

"Two's Company, Five's a Crowd"

Family Plots

Wild Roses Production  (never published)

 "A Good Idea at the Time"

Women Writing Science Fiction as Men

Daw Books -- June 2003

 "Happy Mother's Day"  (with Barbara J. Ferrenz)

Brainbox II: Son of Brainbox

Irrational Press -- 2001


Brainbox: The Real Horror

Dreams Unlimited -- October 2000

"Mexican Moon"

Daughter of Dangerous Dames

Twilight Tales -- May 2000


Horrors!: 365 Scary Stories

Barnes and Noble Books -- 1998

"Romeo Falling"

Return of the Dinosaurs

Daw Books -- May 1997

"The Presence"

Seductive Spectres

Masquerade Books -- 1996 (


No Other Tribute

Masquerade Books -- 1996 (Adults Only)

"The Mirrored Image"

Love Bites

Masquerade Books -- 1995 (


100 Vicious Little Vampires

Barnes and Noble Books -- 1995

"The Blood of the Rose"

100 Wicked Little Witches  

Book of Dead Things

Best of Horrorfind II

Barnes and Noble Books -- 1995  

 Twilight Tales -- 1999

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